Interior Page Design and Book Formatting for Paperback, Hardback, and Ebook Versions

Simple Medium Complex
Text with chapter numbers and/or titles only, < 5 images Text with chapter numbers and/or titles, headings, lists (bulleted and numbered), < 50 additional elements such as images, tables, charts, equations, footnotes, and endnotes Text with chapter numbers and/or titles, multi-level headings, lists (bulleted and numbered), >50 additional elements such as images, tables, charts, equation, footnotes, endnotes, hyperlinks, and cross links
Book Formatting for Paperback/Hardback (to include title page, copyright page, dedication, table of contents, acknowledgments, and author’s bio) – PDF provided $100-$150
(request quote)
(request quote)
$250 – $2,500
(request quote)
Ebook Conversion (with clickable table of contents) – EPUB provided $0.45 per page $0.60 per page $0.75 per page

Indexing – $0.01 per word (Tagging words throughout the book and generating a robust index to include in a medium or complex book – print version only. Indexes are not needed in Ebooks.)

Contact me for an estimate or quote. If you need help figuring out where to start, email me ( 

For a FIRM QUOTE, provide me with the following:

      • Book genre
      • Number of words in the body of your book
      • Number of illustrations, figures, images, tables, equations, or other added material
      • Book size (6×9, 5×8, etc.)
      • Anything specific you would like to see in your book
      • Contact information and time zone you are in

      Indicate if you also want an EPUB.

Other services provided

ISBNs and Barcodes – $110.00 per ISBN (one needed for each format); $25 for each barcode (one needed for each format other than an ebook)

    • The publisher of record/imprint on your title page will be Riveting Dreams Publishing.
    • Read ISBNs and Barcodes for more information about what you need in terms of ISBNs and barcodes.

Copyediting – $0.01 per word. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, clarity. Email for a quote.

Consulting Services – First 30 minutes free. $40.00 per hour after, billed in 15-minute increments. Idea generation, planning assistance, etc.

Uploading Book Files to Publishing Sites – $85.00 per site

    • Suggested publishing sites: Amazon, IngramSpark, and Draft2Digital

Author Page Creation – $45.00 for one, $70 for two, $100 for three

    • Suggested author page locations: Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub

Author Website Development – $299.00 for a basic website OR $449.00 for a basic website/one year of hosting/your domain name

An author’s website would include the following pages:

      • Home page with the book and a brief description
      • About the book page with a longer description
      • About the author page
      • Reviews page, book excerpt, or a place to do blog posts (One is included in the main package; the others would be $25 each if desired.)
      • Purchase links to places where the book is being sold
      • Two images – book cover and author
      • An email collector piece – for a potential newsletter down the road
      • One email account

Check out these three demonstration websites for selected styles:

Developmental Editing Services – For developmental editing services (for children’s books, novels, nonfiction, and more), contact Cindy Draughon at or visit