With over 25 years formatting complex books, I can create professionally-formatted, easy-to-read books and documents, helping self-publishers and small businesses turn their dreams into reality.

My desktop publishing experience with detailed book, training manual, and document formatting includes setting trim size, incorporating proper margins, creating headers and footers with page numbers, formatting text, chapter titles and headings/subheadings, typesetting complex equations, producing tables, importing images and graphics, correcting widows and orphans, incorporating final edits, implementing some design elements, generating tables of content and indexes, placing footnotes and endnotes, adding frontmatter and backmatter (title page, copyright page, dedication, about the author), and providing proofreading when needed.

Various roles I have had required working under tight deadlines, wearing many different hats, and quickly learning various software programs to use successfully. Being the publisher of a niche magazine for 12 years, formatting technical books for print, developing and maintaining four different websites, and obtaining a Master’s degree honed my critical eye for attention to detail.

I look forward to applying my background, experience, and critical eye to your book!

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